Counselling For Anger Management

Toronto, Ontario

Helping You Cope With Anger

Everyone shares the same set of emotions. Anger has its purpose and function. However, when it is too strong, acute, unmanageable and causes you personal and or legal problems, it is time to get help. I have been working with individuals who struggle with anger and strong emotions for over 20 years.

I utilize a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic (CBT) approach to help clients identify their thoughts that exacerbate their anger and lead them to behave in ways that are problematic. Together we will begin to identify what is within your control and what is not and how to accept things as they are when appropriate.

You will learn how to challenge distorted interpretations or beliefs regarding events in order to diffuse anger arousal and develop healthier responses. Assertiveness training and relaxation techniques support clients to cope with difficult interactions.  My customized individual anger and domestic violence counselling is often accepted by Crown counsel as an alterative to the Partner Assault Response Program (PAR).

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