Toronto, Ontario

Access to supervision promotes a deeper understanding of the practice situation and options for intervention. It promotes professional, knowledge and skill development and facilitates self-reflection.

I provide single session clinical case consultation and ongoing clinical supervision for registered social workers and other mental health professionals. During my masters training I completed the clinical supervision seminar which introduced me to theoretical frameworks of supervision as well as a chance to supervise undergraduate students in their clinical practicum. In the field, as an agency employee I paid for my own clinical supervision when it was not provided for me. I found it to be a valuable resource for learning, growth and development. Throughout my career I have provided consultation and supervision to social workers and other mental health professionals working in community agencies, health care institutions, and private practice.

Additionally, I have over 15 years of experience supporting clinicians in starting up their own private practices. Clinical and administrative consultation specific to social workers transitioning to private practice is one of my areas of interest and expertise.

According to the Ontario Association of Social Workers, educational/clinical supervision develops the social worker’s professional judgement, clinical knowledge and skills, including critical self-reflection, all of which are essential for social workers providing clinical services, especially those performing psychotherapy. Clinical supervision also helps broaden the social worker’s understanding of and adherence to the profession’s values and code of ethics and standards of practice. However, an increasing number of agencies no longer provide clinical supervision to social work and social service work staff through a direct manager. Clinical staff may feel that they are on their own when it comes to clinical supervision or supervision of direct practice. This is where I come in. Contact me if you would like to discuss how I can assist you with your work.


Reaching out can be daunting but it is the first step towards a meaningful change. That’s why I offer a number of ways to reach me, and I invite you to get in touch in the manner that works best for you.