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My office is located at 181 Carlaw Avenue Suite #213, just north of Queen and south of Dundas. From Pape station the 72-bus south will stop near the office. The Queen streetcar stops at Carlaw and it is a short walk north. When you arrive on the second floor you will turn right then a quick left, I am down that hall on the left.

Parking: There is metered parking on Carlaw and on Queen. Parking is free for one hour after 10:00 am on both Boston and Colgate. Parking lots are at 345 Carlaw (on the east side of the street, just south of Dundas) and on Logan, just north of Queen.

Address: 181 Carlaw Avenue Suite 213, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2S1
Phone: 416.805.5280
Business Hours: Hours vary, please see Jane app for available appointment times.