Counselling For Those Facing Criminal Charges

Being arrested is incredibly overwhelming.

Criminally or legally involved, court – mandated, presentence or forensic psychiatric social work intervention is effective in many ways for those who have been charged or are concerned about illegal or harmful behaviour.

Facing criminal charges and maybe even conviction can be one of the most stressful and isolating experiences.  I have over 20 years of experience supporting people who are charged with criminal offences.  I can provide some calm during this hectic time and can inform you about the various outcomes.  At a time when all seems lost I can guide you through the legal system and help you prepare for the potential outcomes. 

We will explore coping, developing community (who knows about your problem, who is safe to tell and can be a support to you and/or your family and friends), planning and most importantly therapy.  I can provide information about the various correctional institutions, community and correctional treatment programs and the myriad of agencies that may become involved with you and your family such as Children’s Aid Society, Catholic Children’s Aid, Jewish Family and Child Services, Native Child and Family Services, criminal court, family court, Office of the Children’s Lawyer, addiction and mental health agencies.

Therapy may involve learning to cope with the shame, stigma, remorse, guilt and regret.  Relapse prevention therapy may involve accepting responsibility for criminal behaviour and developing or enhancing empathy for the complainant.  Identifying specific personal triggers to offending behaviour, learning to manage anger, deviant sexual arousal, impulsivity, substance abuse or mood. Customized treatment plans are developed for each unique client.  We will develop of a through relapse prevention plan to reduce risk of recurrence or reoffence when clinically appropriate.

I have access to a strong network of excellent professionals and can assist with referrals.  I can guide you through the legal process and provide both assessment and case – specific therapy long before your matter comes to court.  I can work closely with other professionals involved in your case (including defence counsel, psychiatrists, probation, parole, employers, insurers, child protections social workers, Office of the Children’s Lawyer professionals and others) in order to coordinate care. Treatment summary/progress letters or more detailed psychosocial assessments or risk assessments can be provided when required and for additional fees.

Family members (spouses, adult children, parents) can also benefit from meeting with me to learn more about their loved one’s offence – related behaviour, what the implications of it and the arrest might be, how this might affect the family and the future, and how they can cope and be a support to the accused party.  Sometimes these queries and concerns can be addressed in just one session. There is no minimum requirement and parties can return in future if they like.  If I am already seeing the person who has been charged with a criminal offence I would require their consent to see their loved one and to disclose personal information to them.  I can also provide information and support to family members without seeing their accused loved one.

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