Counselling for Divorce or Separation

Toronto, Ontario

I offer a safe place to work through the myriad of feelings that may accompany the dissolution of a marriage or common law relationship.

Some of the emotions you may be experiencing include grief, anxiety, stress, fear, anger, shame, loss, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and sadness.

For some people seeking therapy in the wake of separation or divorce is the first time they have spoken to a professional about their feelings. I can help you identify, accept and face these emotions. They do not have to consume you. With my guidance you can make sense of what you are going through and work through your reactions so that you can be clear, direct and effective in facing and navigating the steps of divorce.  If you have children, deciding their custody and the access schedule may be one of the more difficult, stressful and painful aspects of divorce. Learning to cope with your emotions so you can be present with and for your children, during your time with them is of utmost value in ensuring they manage this major life transition as well as possible.

Decisions regarding the allocation of property and finances are also difficult and stir up many emotions. I have experience supporting people as they move through these necessary divorce stages. I have a network of skilled professionals who achieve excellent outcomes for their clients. Experienced and knowledgable divorce experts, family lawyers, mediators, financial neutrals, business valuators and family reunification therapists (for cases where a child or children become estranged from a parent) are among my referral network.

Additionally I completed Level 1 Introduction to Collaborative Practice Training and Level 2 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Skill Training in 2016.  I consult and collaborate with divorce professionals to help clients become emotionally prepared to engage in focused and efficient work to craft a lasting and well though out agreement.

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