Individual Therapy

Toronto, Ontario

Individual Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counselling is provided in a safe, caring and confidential environment. 

It is a place to explore feelings, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs.  In individual therapy I can assist you to work through difficulties, gain clarity and set and achieve personal goals.

Speaking openly to a neutral, nonjudgmental, professional about your concerns can have a profound effect on developing insight and making connections. 

Exploring what is troubling you, whether a major life crisis, stressors that have gradually built up, mental health or addiction problems, life transitions, career or relationship conflict can lead to clarity and understanding.  Strategies to cope and enhance communication are developed in therapy.

In individual therapy we can work together to better understand what is blocking you from feeling peace and comfort.  You will learn how to manage and cope with the difficulties, how to tap into your own personal strengths to overcome challenges so that you can minimize suffering and improve overall comfort, happiness and health.

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